Explore the diverse categories available for abstract submission, encompassing Industry Insights and 

Technology & Innovation Centre Sessions, where your expertise can contribute to shaping the discourse at WGC2025.


Industry Insights Technology & Innovation Centre

Industry Insight sessions feature valuable information, data and knowledge about the gas industry.

These insights are often used by businesses, policymakers, investors, and other stakeholders to make informed decisions, identify trends, and stay competitive.

Technology & Innovation Centre sessions feature new developments and advancements in various fields of technology that have the potential to bring about significant improvements in our daily lives, industries, and society.

These innovations often involve the application of scientific knowledge and creativity to create new products, processes, or systems.

Call for Abstract Themes

When submitting your abstracts, you'll find seven distinct themes to consider, each offering a 

unique perspective and opportunity to contribute to the conversation at WGC2025.

Abstract Theme


Theme 1

Supply, demand, market and prices

- Supply resilience

Gas market reform and price mechanisms

Impact of environmental policies on demand and pricing

Continuous investment in the gas industry

Development of regional trading platforms

Other areas

Theme 2 

Gas narratives under the new context

Promoting the role of natural gas in a sustainable future

Promoting new energy systems

Challenges and successes in managing the public  

   perception of natural gas

Promoting new policies, mechanisms and standards

Sustainable environmental and social governance (ESG) 


The role of natural gas in economic development and  

  alleviating poverty

Providing clean and affordable energy for all

Other areas

Theme 3

New momentum for LNG

- Natural gas liquification technology  

LNG storage and transportation

LNG regasification

LNG utilisation scheme innovation

Carbon neutral LNG and its certification

LNG trading and market mechanism

Cryogenic energy utilisation

Other areas

Theme 4

Digital transformation

Best practices for optimising gas value chain through 

  digital methods

Opportunities and challenges of digitisation for energy 


- Cross-sector cooperation in digital transformation

Enhancing the application of data science and AI in the 


Data and cyber-security

Other areas

Theme 5   

New gases and energy transition

Hydrogen: cross-industry cooperation with natural gas

Synthetic methane and biomethane: new technology and 

  business models

- New applications and outlook for ammonia

CC(U)S supporting decarbonisation: Technology and 

  application models

Other areas

Theme 6  

Methane emission mitigation 

Best practice for methane emission mitigation in the

  upstream sector

Best practice for methane emission mitigation in gas 

  infrastructure and end-use applications

Advanced technologies in emission monitoring,

  quantification and mitigation

Monitoring, reporting and verification

- International cooperation in methane emission mitigation

- Methodologies in methane emission mitigation
- Research in emission factors
Other areas

Theme 7

Best practices through the whole value chain

Best practices in E&P sector

- Best practices in transmission sector

- Best practices in storage sector

- Best practices in distribution sector

Best practices in utilisation sector

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