A Landmark Event for the Global Gas and Energy Community

The 29th World Gas Conference (WGC2025) is the premier gathering of the global gas and energy industry. Hosted by the International Gas Union (lGU), representing over 90% of the global natural gas production and consumption market, WGC is a flagship event held every three years. With a rich history dating back to 1931 in London, this conference has evolved to become an influential global platform.


Themed "Energising a Sustainable Future", this edition will mark the first time that WGC ever visits China. Taking place in Beijing from 19 to 23 May, the Conference is expected to attract unprecedented participation, with over 30,000 attendees from 70 countries and 300 exhibitors, domestic and international, making the Conference an unique opportunity to engage with emerging and established markets globally.

Why Attend WGC2025?

Unparalleled Opportunities at WGC2025: Shaping the Future of Gas and Energy

WGC2025 presents an exceptional opportunity to engage in dynamic discussions shaping the future of the gas and energy industry. Key highlights include:

● Access to the Latest Insights: Gain profound insights into cutting-edge trends, innovations, and transformative technologies shaping the gas and energy industry.

● Spotlight on Energising a Sustainable Future: Explore the pivotal role of gas in achieving future sustainability goals and addressing global energy challenges. 

● Comprehensive Conference Programme: Engage in enriching Plenary, Current Debates, Industry Insights and Technology & Innovation Centre sessions covering the diverse aspects of the gas value chain.

●  Strategic NetworkingConnect with industry pioneers, influencers, and professionals from across the globe and forge partnerships to drive innovation and growth in the energy sector.

● Interactive Exhibition: Immerse yourself in state-of-the-art exhibitions showcasing the latest advancements and solutions.

● China's Strategic Energy Investment and Opportunities: China, a key player in renewable energy infrastructure, actively invests in global energy development, tackling energy poverty, and fostering growth in emerging markets. As a primary LNG import destination alongside Korea and Japan, China is central to the gas supply chain, leveraging expertise in shipbuilding and engineering. WGC2025 offers industry leaders to explore and tap into these dynamic markets.


Who Will You Meet at WGC2025?

WGC2025 is set to host over 3,500 delegates, including senior technical, commercial, and strategic executives, ensuring comprehensive coverage of the entire gas value chain. The conference and exhibition will bring together influential leaders, policymakers, ministers, CEOs, and association leaders from around the world under one roof to discuss the latest trends and pressing topics.

With over 300 global gas and energy exhibitors, including integrated energy companies and the top 50 oil and gas players, WGC2025 will provide an unparalleled opportunity to engage, network, and explore collaborations across vast business opportunities.

The exhibition space at WGC2025 will cover an extensive 50,000 square metres, attracting professionals from diverse sectors within the gas and energy industry. These include engineers, procurement executives, corporate leaders, and individuals from various fields across the value chain.

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