International Transportation 

Beijing Capital International Airport (BCIA)

BCIA is one of the three comprehensive transportation gateways in China, with a total construction area of 1.41 million square metres. As of October 2023, BCIA has offered routes to 208 destinations in 47 countries and regions. BCIA is about 26 kilometres from CNCC, with just a 30-minute drive. 

Beijing Daxing International Airport (BDIC)

As of December 2023, Daxing Airport has offered more than 30 international/Hong Kong/Macao/Taiwan routes, with a 72-kilometre distance and a 75-minute drive from CNCC.

Inter-city Transportation 

With seven railway stations, Beijing is China's largest railway hub. A vast network of railway lines covers across China. Online ticketing services are available.

Beijing City Transportation 


As of December 2023, Beijing's subway network comprises 27 lines, with plans to expand to 30 lines by 2025. Self-service ticketing machines facilitate QR code payments, CNCC is located next to the Olympic Park Station, accessible via Beijing Subway Lines 8 and 15.


There are 279 taxi companies, collectively managing approximately 70,000 taxis. The base
fare for a taxi ride is RMB 13 for the initial three kilometers, with an additional RMB 2.3 
charge per kilometer thereafter. Additionally, each ride incurs a fuel surcharge of RMB 1.


Beijing has over 20,000 buses operating more than 1,000 routes, serving as the backbone of the city's public transportation network.

Shared Bike

Shared bike operations are available across Beijing, extending across all six central urban 
districts. Offering an eco-friendly and convenient transportation option, these rent-and-
return services allow users to easily access bikes by scanning a QR code.

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